Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 International Year Of Biodiversity

The United Nations has proclaimed 2010 as an International Year Of  Biodiversity but there is not much being heard about actions that ordinary citizens are taking to promote the IYB's agenda. It is not creating the buzz it should. We are nearing the third month of the year but most information you get on the subject are from press releases from the UNEP. Ordinary citizens just do not seen to give a damn about International Year proclamations. I don't as I see it as UN's way of simply  paying lip service to developmental issues of global concern that really needs concerted global action to have them addressed. Anyway if you are up to it, here are things you could do to participate.

  • About biodiversity in your city, region and country
  • How your consumption patterns and everyday actions may impact on biodiversity, sometimes in distant ecosystems

  • Make your views known to the government and the private sector
  • Share your knowledge with people around you
  • Get your stories to the press so you can share them with the rest of the world

  • Make responsible consumption choices
  • Support activities and organizations that conserve biodiversity
  • Join a local environmental NGO or organize your own activities that will help biodiversity
  • Be creative and find solutions to biodiversity loss
  • Send your pictures, artwork, videos and other creations to the press and share them with the world 


    1. I didn't even know this -- do they have a website for it? This is not being advertised nearly enough. If they had icons and html code to put on blogs maybe people would advertise it for them.